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Title: 自傳文本的課程論述與批判
Other Titles: Autobiography Text: Curriculum Discourses and Criticism
Authors: 陳昇飛
Issue Date: Sep-2002
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 課程領域自再概念化學派發展以來,其理論建構取向與論述層面便愈來愈多樣,充斥著不同的聲音。這些不同聲音的崛起自然是有其背後因素與理論依據。課程從原先想單純的建立一套具體而有效的理論,到後來受到抱持不同哲學立場的課程學者,對課程概念不斷加以省思和批判。「課程」這個領域顯然愈來愈不容易以一個單一的大型理論闡釋清楚。自傳文本乃延續再概念化學派所發展出來的立種獨特課程研究方法,其研究持質與質性研究派典息息相關。本文主要目的在於探究自傳文本的課程意涵,透過其理論基礎的分析,具體提出自傳文本的課程訴求與批判。在理論基礎方面,自傳文本乃值基於現象學與存在主義,講求人的主體性與經驗的反省。其體現在課程上的訴求為:強調人的主體性、重現意義的理解、尋求自我的認同與闡釋課程即經驗。
The concept of“text” comes from poststructuralism. W. Pinar used it to signify the different approaches of curriculum theory. After Reconceptualism, the curriculum theorizing was influenced by many approaches, including phenomenology, autobiography, race, gender, politics, aesthetics and so on. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the autobiography test in curriculum. Autobiography concerns a particular persons' life story. Autobiography research is done was in order to understand the meaning behind the life story, and to grasp the key elements for curriculum development. The major findings of this paper are as follows: 1.To emphasize the subjectivity in curriculum; 2.To attach importance of meaning in under standing curriculum; 3.To explore the self-identity; and 4.To clarify the curriculum as experience.
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