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Title: 新學習文化的塑造與發展:終身學習取向
Other Titles: Creating and Developing a New Learning Culture: Lifelong Learning Approach
Authors: 吳明烈
Issue Date: Dec-2003
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 新學習文化的內涵涉及學習觀念的新變革、學習型態的新思維、學習制度的新突破以及學習策略的創新。本文從鉅觀的層面出發,論述新學習文化的要素與特徵,進而剖析學習文化所涉及的學習境況、學習成果及學習過程等重要層面。而學習文化的類型,則在文中歸納分析出個人學習文化、家庭學習文化、學校學習文化、職場學習文化、社區學習文化、國家學習文化與全球學習文化。此外,更從法源基礎及學習網絡等多方面,比較新學習文化與傳統學習文化的內涵差異。新學習文化的塑造,需要有適宜取向的導引,並能兼顧多種有效策略,方能充分實現文化改造的理想,進而為全民學習帶來實質效益。有鑑於此,全文最後則提出以現代化、民主化、全球化、創新化以及多元化作為新學習文化的發展取向,並且強調新學習文化的發展,乃是一種全民學習運動,需要多元面向考量,據而展開具體實踐策略,以建立全民終身學習社會。
This article analyzes the concepts and practices of a new learning culture. First, it explores the possible origin and meaning of such a culture. Second, it describes its necessary elements and characteristics. Third, it analyzes the theoretical dimensions and types of learning cultures. Fourth, it makes a comparison between traditional learning cultures and the projected new learning culture. Finally, it shows some important approaches and strate?gies for the development of a new learning culture.
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