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Title: 芬蘭師資培育
Other Titles: Teacher Education in Finland: The Researchbased Paradigm and Curricular Praxis
Authors: 黃源河
Yuan-Her Robin Hwang
Bih-Jen Fwu
Issue Date: Sep-2010
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 自2000 年起,芬蘭學生在國際PISA 閱讀、數學與科學的競賽中,一連三屆穩佔鰲頭。芬蘭學生傑出的表現吸引全球五十多個國家的教育家前往考察,學者指出,芬蘭教育成功因素固然很多,但是特別強調教師居功厥偉,尤其是奠基於由下到上草根性專業主義的以「研究為基礎」的師資培育更是關鍵。本文旨在探討芬蘭學生傑出表現背後的芬蘭師資培育,首先闡述研究為基礎師資培育的立論基礎與課程教學實踐,繼而探究其與草根性教師專業主義的關係,最後由理論及實務論述提出可供我國借鏡之處。
Finnish students have outperformed their international counterparts in three consecutive PISA’s competitions since 2000. Educational researchers from more than 50 countries have visited Finland for observation and tried to delve into the reasons behind Finnish miracle. Educators have indicated that teachers play an essential role, although there are other reasons for such success. Especially, the key is the Researchbased teacher education paradigm which is based on bottom-up, and grass-root professional approach. This study intends to investigate Finnish teacher education responsible for the excellent performance of Finnish students. At first, the theoretical foundation and curricular praxis of the Research-based teacher education paradigm were introduced. Then, the relationship between grass-root professionalism and Research-based paradigm was explored. Finally, it is expected that the results may provide theoretical and practical implications for further thoughts about the teacher.
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