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Title: 寧靜自主‧協同合作‧樂活共生:法國Freinet教育學與公立佛賀內學校
Other Titles: Serene Autonomy, Cooperation, Co-evolution: Freinet Pedagogy and Public Freinet Schools
Authors: 許宏儒
Hung-Ju Hsu
Issue Date: Jun-2017
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Department of Education,National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 「不一樣的教育」或「另類教育」的思維與實踐,為教育勾勒了美麗的藍圖。儘管如此,許多對於另類教育的質疑(昂貴學費、教室秩序不佳、學習成就低落),經常使得另類教育所勾勒的教育之美不斷地被挑戰,而另類教育也總是面臨被邊緣化的困境。本文透過爬梳法國教育學家Freinet(1896-1966)之法文原典、相關Freinet研究著作,以及研究者於佛賀內學校實地觀察與接受培訓相關資料,萃取出「寧靜自主、協同合作、樂活共生」為其教育學思想與實踐核心。而其「寧靜自主、協同合作、樂活共生」之教育學思想與實踐,以及法國目前的「公立」佛賀內學校,正悄悄地打破對於另類教育的種種質疑,蘊含著突破教育再製的可能性動力,並逐步地在法國與鄰近的歐陸國家,實現「不一樣的教育」所勾勒的教育之美。
The concept and practice of a(n) “different education” / “alternative education” have drawn an ideal educational blueprint. Nevertheless, the doubts towards alternative education (including high tuition fees, classroom disorder, low learning achievement) frequently challenge the ideal possibility that it has presented; also, alternative education constantly faces the crisis of being marginalized. By examining Célestin Freinet (the French pedagogue, 1896-1966)’s original texts, relevant research works on Freinet and the author’s observations and training data in Freinet Schools, this article discusses the spirit of Freinet Pedagogy: Autonomy, Cooperation and Co-evolution. The practice of Freinet’s Pedagogy and the public Freinet Schools now in France have the possibility to break the reproduction in education, and they have been triumphing over the various doubts towards the alternative education. In France and the neighboring European countries, Freinet’s Pedagogy is progressively realizing the beauty of education by means of a different education. Finally, it is stated that Freinet Pedagogy shows the potential to minimize the possibility of class reproduction in education.
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