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Title: 德國大學組織重構之邊界
Other Titles: On the Border of Organizational Restructuring at German Universities
Authors: 張源泉
Yuan-Chuan Chang
Issue Date: Sep-2014
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Department of Education,National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本文透過文件分析法探究德國大學組織重構之邊界,尤其聚焦於教授層級之探討,首先分析大學組織特性之變易,而後再依序探究德國大學之人事權、組織權與教授薪資制度的改革邊界。傳統上,大學被視為不同於企業組織與行政機構之特殊組織,但在新公共管理模式引進大學後,卻與其他組織存在著「同形趨勢」。但德國大學的組織重構仍存在著難以逾越的改革邊界;在人事權方面,相對於許多國家的大學透過正式或非正式管道建立留校任教的可能與教授內部升等制度,在德國反倒透過法律規定或潛在慣例的結合加以攔阻;在組織權方面,大學領導層所具有的制裁權,對於多數教授顯然無足輕重,因此難以形成有效領導的制度保障。再者,績效導向薪資制度的適用對象未涵蓋整體成員,且對於不同專業的教授有不同影響程度,因此難以成為有效的替代方案。
In this paper, document analysis is used to investigate the organizational restructuring recently implemented at German universities, in particular the effects these changes have had on professors. After presenting the changes that have been implemented, I investigate how these reforms have affected organizational authority and the remuneration of professors. Although the administrative policies and procedures of universities have traditionally been rather distinct from those used in business and government, these differences have become less distinct with the adoption of the public management approach at universities. However, with regards to the authority universities have over their faculty, these reforms have had a more limited effect. Whereas in many countries universities utilize formal or informal means to establish systems for determining faculty promotions and for appointing former students to teach at the same school, due to various legal provisions and established practices, such systems have not been established in Germany. Furthermore, the relatively limited ability of German universities to impose sanctions upon faculty makes it difficult for university leaders to playa strong leadership role. Finally, it was found that the incentive-based remuneration system being implemented at German universities has not yielded substantial results, mainly because it has yet to be applied to all faculty members; it was also found that the effectiveness of such a system differs according to the faculty members' area of specialization.
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