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Title: 國民小學九年一貫課程試辦成效之綜合評鑑
Other Titles: An Evaluation Study of the Grade 1-9 Coherent Curriculum Program Employed by Elementary Schools in Northern Taiwan
Authors: 謝金青
Issue Date: Mar-2004
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究旨在針對桃竹苗四縣市13所國民小學試辦九年一貫課程之成效進行綜合評鑑。總共完成13所學校之自評,509位教師之調查,並成功訪問了44位試辦學校之教育人員。研究期間自2001年8月至2002年7月止。研究工具計有學校自評量表、教師評估量表、訪問座談題綱以及專家諮詢題綱。研究結果發現:一、桃竹苗地區13所國民小學試辦九年一貫課程之成效,綜合研判為:準備不足、推動認真而成效普通。二、試辦學校成效評估自評總分平均為4.15分,達到「成效不錯」之水準;惟教師評估得分則只有3.28分。三、試辦學校成效評估依序為「推動與實踐」、「成效總結」、「資源與準備」指標。
This study is an evaluation of the effects of the Grade 1-9 Coherent Curriculum Program employed by 13 elementary schools in 4 counties in northern Taiwan. The researcher collected school evaluation results evaluated by school personnel, information obtained from expert counseling meetings, and questionnaires completed by 509 teachers and 44 school personnel. It was found that: (1) the input of the program was deficient, the process of the program was generally effective, and the output of the program was average; (2) the program performed quite effectively with a mean score of 4.15 on a five-point scale, but teachers gave it only an average evaluation (a mean score of 3.28); (3) taking the average for all schools, 85.08% of all evaluation indica?tors were above 4.0 on a five-point scale.
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