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Title: 童年的蛻變
Other Titles: The Transformation of Childhood: A Study of Preschool Teachers' Professional Role Formation from a Biographical Perspective
Authors: 倪鳴香
Issue Date: Dec-2004
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 幼兒教師的童年經驗如何在個體與生活世界交互影響下,促發生命主體踏上幼教之途?本研究以德國80年代在人文社會科學中興起之生命傳記研究取向,採用社會學者F. Sch?tze所發展的敘述訪談及理論建構分析方案,進行資深幼兒教師們童年經驗及職業角色形成歷程的詮釋分析,透過敘述文本之再建構,闡述出「父親身教楷模的陶養」、「修復童年的虧與匱」、「順水推舟以退為進」與「追求母職教師及教師母職的交融」四類幼兒教師職業習性的陶養歷程。在這些歷程中,幼兒教師的主體置身於社會文化環境中,個體與社會、個人與系統兩者的交會,使人在邁向職業角色的過程中產生動力,負向限制返回主體自身時,竟成了生命翻轉的推力。童年成長經驗在生命的必然與偶然交織下,為存有主體開顯出生命追尋的軌跡,過去的我已在生命流程結構中朝向認同幼師專業角色的未來。
This research project's purpose was to characterize the professional disposition of preschool teachers. It examined the oral biographies of preschool teachers in order to analyze the relationship between their childhood experiences and their professional role formation. The method of data collection was the narrative interview; the method of data analysis was based on the theory of construction analysis. Thus far the findings indicate that these teachers have undergone four different modes of occupational socialization. They were motivated and have learned to become a preschool teacher: (1)as a result of their father's love and care in early childhood; (2)due to the effects of receiving little love from their parents in early childhood; (3)after coming to accept the limitations in their own abilities and early environment; (4)through their natural inclination to enact the role of teacher-as-mother.
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