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Title: 教師彰權益能的概念與實施策略
Other Titles: Teacher Empowerment: Concepts and Strategies
Authors: 王麗雲
Issue Date: Jan-2000
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 本文旨在針對最近學校革新運動中一項重要的核心概念—「教師彰權益能」(teacher empowerment)進行分析,以了解這項概念的具體意涵與實施策略,並探討這項概念是否可於我國落實。近年來,不論是學校革新、師資培育、學校組織或是教育領導研究,都強調教師彰權益能的重要性。本文之第一部分先歸納澄清教師彰權益能的意涵;第二部分則利用文獻分析整理出具體的實施策略;接著歸納教師彰權益能過程中可能碰到的阻力與追求教師彰權益能時必須注意的地方,以免產生負作用,反而有害國內的教育進步;最後則指出未來可進一步研究的相關課題。
This paper explores the concept of “teacher empowerment” and strategies for its actualization. In the era of educational innovation, teacher empowerment is deemed as a key element of successful school reform, teacher education, school organization, and educational leadership. We assess the possibilities and potential constraints for empowering teachers in Taiwan. Special attention is given to the possibility of transforming current teachers’ associations into empowering ones in order to promote educational innovation and the professional status of teachers. We also discuss areas to be cautious of when exercising the power of teachers as well as the necessary strategies and steps to be taken before the successful realization of teacher empowerment. Abusing teachers’ power will harm rather than benefit educational improvements and teachers’ professional status.
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