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Title: 體檢國小教科書
Other Titles: Examing Textbooks of Elementary Schools-- "Ethics and Health" for the First Grade
Authors: 張玨
Issue Date: Jul-1998
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學教育學系
Department od Education, NTNU
Abstract: 為了落實兩性平等教育的推動,檢視教科書中之兩性平等概念是不可忽視的一環。基於落實兩性平等教育的理念,本篇論文體檢六所出版社出版的國小一上「道德與健康」教科書,以男女出現之比例、字彙與命名,色彩與服裝的分配,工作與家庭角色之扮演,從事的活動等,進行比較。其目的在於強調教材檢視的重要性,並且期待透過更具性別意識的分析,以及具體修正意見的提出,避免教科書成為複製傳統性別角色之工具,進而能打破僵化之性別刻板印象,提出更多的學習典範,忠實反映現實多元的生活經驗,使教科書在建立與傳遞平等兩性觀上,真正扮演舉足輕重的角色。
In order to promote gender equity education from the very basic level, investigating the concept of gender-equity in textbooks is a fundamental task. Through examining the textbook“Ethics and Health” published by six publishers for the first- grade students of elementary schools, we have shown the evidence on ratio of men/women especially in naming, dressing, color of dresses, work/household roles, daily activities … etc. Besides, in order not to let textbooks remain as tools of reproducing the traditional gender role, we expect to analyze textbooks with a more gender-awakening consciousness, together with a proposal of more recommendations for revision. Moreover, we hope to provide diversified learning models which can practically reflect different life experiences, and to make textbooks a positive player in establishing and conveying a healthier concept in gender equity.
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