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Title: Michael Winkler普通教育學之探究
Other Titles: Inquiry into Michael Winkler’s General Pedagogy
Authors: 梁福鎮
Frank Liang
Issue Date: Dec-2015
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育學系
Department of Education,National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本文採用教育詮釋學方法,進行Winkler普通教育學的探究。Winkler是「反思教育學」的代表人物,對於德國閱讀教育的推動、古文中學的改革、反思教育學的形成、社會教育理論的建立和社會教育工作的實施,具有重要貢獻,被列為德國當代著名的教育學家。其普通教育學的主要內涵包括教育概念的釐清、陶冶概念的分析、理論與實踐的關係、教育學說的批判和普通教育學的課題。Winkler的普通教育學是一種反思教育學,能夠釐清教育概念的真正意義,瞭解陶冶概念的歷史演變,闡明教育理論與實踐的關係,批判錯誤的教育學說,明白普通教育學的課題。但是其普通教育學也存在著教育觀點否定兒童本性的價值、教育理論忽略跨學科的論述和教育活動結構仍然有待說明等問題。儘管如此,Winkler的觀點依然可以作為我國建立教育理論和解決教育問題的參考,對於我國教育學術而言,具有促進普通教育學成為核心學科、提供教師作為實施教學的指引和解決後現代社會中的教育問題等啟示,相當值得我們加以重視!
This article adopted method of educational hermeneutics to investigate M. Winkler’s general pedagogy. Winkler is not only the delegate of reflective pedagogy, but also a famous educator in modern Germany. He made a great contribution to the promotion of reading education, reform of high schools, formation of reflective pedagogy, establishment of social pedagogy theories and implementation of social work. The main contents of Winkler’s general pedagogy include clarification of the concept of education, analysis of the concept of cultivation, relation between theories and practice, critique of educational doctrines and missions of general pedagogy. Winkler’s general pedagogy is a reflective pedagogy. It has the following advantages: first, clarifying the concept of general pedagogy; second, understanding historical development of the concept of cultivation; third, explaining the relation between educational theories and practice; fourth, criticizing mistakes of educational doctrines; fifth, understanding the missions of general pedagogy. Nevertheless, it also contains the following problems: first, it denies the natural value of children; second, it neglects the discourse across disciplines; third, it needs more explanation about the structure of educational activities. Winkler’s general pedagogy can be considered as a reference for the establishment of educational theories and the solutions to educational problems. It can help us to promote general pedagogy as a core subject, and provide teachers with a guide to instructional implementation and a solution for educational problems in the postmodern society. Winkler’s general pedagogy deserves more academic attention.
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