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Title: 國小高年級學生寫作表現與寫作創意相關指標之研究
Other Titles: The Relationship between Writing Performance and Creative Writing in Elementary School Students
Authors: 蔡青橋
Ching-Chiao Tsai
Issue Date: Jun-2016
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 本研究採立意取樣方式選取臺北市國小高年級學生分析寫作表現及創意,以及各項寫作創意指標對寫作表現之預測力。共蒐集108 份有效樣本,運用四格漫畫之看圖作文引導寫作情境,完成一篇自訂題目之作品進行分析之。主要發現如下:一、在寫作創意指標中,「精進力」最能有效預測國小高年級學生寫作表現。二、在寫作評分標準指標中,「立意取材」最能預測國小高年級學生寫作表現。三、在作文長度指標中,「相異字數」最能預測國小高年級學生寫作表現。最後,本研究根據結論,建議教師可在寫作教學時鼓勵學生,盡量表現句型豐富之作品特徵。
This research adopted purposive sampling method to analyze the students’ work in writing performance and creative writing, and examine the predictability of various creative writing indexes in predicting writing performance. Subjects were students of higher grades of elementary schools in Taipei City. They were required to choose their own topics and write a composition based on the 4-koma manga offered by the researcher. A total of 108 effective responses were collected through this study. The main findings were as follows: 1. Among all the creative writing indexes, the “elaboration” was the best index for predicting writing performance of students of high grades. 2. Among all the writing evaluation indexes, the “relevance and adequacy” was found as the most effective predictor of writing performance of students of high grades. 3. Among all the indexes of composition length, the “type-token ratio” was the most effective index to predict writing performance of students of high grades. This study suggested that teachers could encourage students to be flexible to use well-organized and more complex sentences in their own writing.
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