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Title: 國小資優班教師創造力信念之探究
Other Titles: Creativity Beliefs of Gifted Class Teachers in Elementary School
Authors: 陳珮欣
Pei-Xin Chen
Chang Shih-Hui
Issue Date: Dec-2015
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討國小資優班教師創造力信念,深究其對創造力的相關觀點及影響其創造力信念之因素。本研究以台北市8 名國小資優班教師為對象,採用半結構式訪談大綱蒐集資料,所得資料以質性方式進行資料分析,獲致下列幾項結論:(1) 國小資優班教師對創造力抱持著積極正向的成長觀點,認為教學能提升學生的創造力,而影響創造力最重要的因素為環境與動機;(2) 影響國小資優班教師創造力信念之個人因素為個性、自信、家庭環境等;外在因素為求學過程、教學年資、工作環境、師資養成教育、同事互動、學生特質等。其中教師最為重視的是個性與師資養成教育。
This study was to explore creativity beliefs of gifted class teachers in elementary school, comprised of the teacher’s views on creativity and influencing factors. Second, it examined factors that influenced creativity beliefs of elementary gifted class teachers. A qualitative approach was adopted to collect and analyze data from semi-structured interviews with eight gifted-class teachers in elementary school. The findings were summarized as below: First, gifted class teachers in elementary school generally held positive opinions toward creativity, it was achievements and impact factors. They valued creativity highly, which was then shown on their teaching performance as well as efforts to foster students’ talent as a result. Second, personal factors which influenced their beliefs in creativity include personality, self-confidence, family background, while external factors included education background, teaching seniority, working environment, training experience, colleague relationship, and students’ characteristics.
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