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Title: 障礙資優流動狀態中的模糊性∶:論雙重殊異之鑑定困境
Other Titles: The Ambiguous Flow between Disability and Gifted:Difficulties in IdentifyingTwice-Exceptional Students
Authors: 梁斐瑜
Feei-Yu Liang
Issue Date: Dec-2017
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 長久以來身心障礙與資賦優異之鑑定皆採平行方式。然介於障礙與資優雙重殊異學生卻因其定義之模糊性而處於卓越邊緣,因此如何建立一套鑑定程序極為重要。本文旨在回顧美國與臺灣雙重殊異之歷史背景與現況發展,並探討雙重殊異之定義及其鑑定困境,最後提出一套鑑定模式以供參考。
Identificationof students with disabilities and gifted students has long been studied via differing approaches.“Twice exceptional” students are at the edge of excellence due to ambiguities associated with disabilities and gifted. Therefore, it is extremely important to establish a set of identification procedures. This article is intended to review the historical background and development of twice exceptional students of Unites States of America and Taiwan. It also aims to explore the definitionof twice exceptional and the difficultiesin identificationand classification.Finally, drawing on evidence, a set of identification models will be poposed.
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