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Titel: 啟聰學校聾/聽障高中生的離校準備
Sonstige Titel: Preparing Deaf and Hard of Hearing High School Students in Deaf Schools to Leave School
Autoren: 翟宗悌
Zongti Jhai
Erscheinungsdatum: Jun-2018
Herausgeber: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Zusammenfassung: 啟聰學校聾及聽障學生(簡稱聾校生)畢業後易因適應的挫折,就學或就業一段時間便中輟。原校、大學及職場都有轉銜服務,但仍須學生主動使用,聾校生在高中畢業離校前便需做好準備。本文目的在探討聾校生畢業後就學或就職的狀況,所需的離校準備及介紹作者所設計的離校準備團體諮商方案。作者分析現有文獻及訪談聾人、啟聰學校教師與聾人組織社工,結果發現:啟聰學校與外在環境的落差,學生的心態、能力與社會經驗,轉銜服務助人者的介入,大學教師或雇主能否調整,同儕能否提供社會支持,都與聾校生在大學及職場的適應息息相關。而聾校生需要的離校準備包括:能瞭解聽人不害怕聽人;具有下述能力或經驗,如多樣的溝通管道或策略、交友意願及能力、工作與社會經驗、問題解決及自我倡議;面對挑戰時需能安頓自己等等。
Deaf and hard of hearing (D/HH) students who have graduated from deaf schools are very prone to withdraw from universities or jobs because they feel frustrated at the process of adapting to new environments. Although there are transition services in deaf schools, universities and agencies of employment services, D/HH students have to actively make use of them. Therefore, D/HH students must be prepared, in an intentional manner, to leave deaf school. This article aims to understand D/HH students’ situations in universities and workplaces as well as the preparations for leaving deaf school that D/HH students need. The article also intends to introduce the project for preparing students to leave school that the author designed. The author analyzed the literature and interviewed four D/HH adults, four deaf school teachers, and one social worker in a deaf association. The results show that the gap between deaf schools and external environments, D/HH student’s attitudes, capabilities, and social experiences, transition service workers’ interventions, adjustments of professors and employers, and social support from peers are all related to D/HH students’ adaption in universities and workplaces. Preparing D/HH students in deaf schools to leave school includes developing students’ abilities and skills in understanding and not being afraid of hearing people, having multiple ways and strategies of communication, willingness and ability to make friends, realistic work and social experiences, capabilities of problem solving and self-advocacy, and being able to encourage themselves when confronting challenges.
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