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Title: 第22屆國際聾人教育會議紀要
Other Titles: The 22nd International Congress on the Education of the Deaf
Authors: 陳小娟
Hsiao-Chuan Chen
Issue Date: Jun-2016
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學特殊教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Special Education Center
Abstract: 第22屆國際聾人教育會議以「教育多樣性的學習者:多種方式,一個目標」為主題,於2015年7月6至9日在希臘的雅典舉行。大會安排專題演講、蘇格拉底對話時間、專題討論、研究報告、海報展示等,涵蓋電子耳、早期療育與親職、教學課程與環境、語言與失讀、學習與認知、終生學習與生活品質、社交情緒功能與心智健康、教師教育、以及科技等九大議題;本文摘記四個專題並揭示其重要論點:提醒教育工作者要繼續努力,不要因為電子耳植入技術已發展多年而認為一切都很美好,提升其表現的目標尚待達成;神經科學研究的結果證實神經訊號會針對語意與語法做註記,而聾人與聽力正常者在這方面的表現不同,透露了閱讀與構音的關係;聾教育工作曾因一些人堅持一個方法一個目標而岔途多年,如今應記取歷史,目標只有一個,並且途徑不是只有一種而是多種,千萬不要再堅持單一方法而重蹈覆轍。
The 22nd International Congress on the Education of the Deaf (ICED) was held in Athens, Greece during the period of 6-9 July, 2015. The theme was “Educating diverse learners: many ways, one goal”. The organizing committee arranged various types of presentations, including keynote sessions, Socratic dialogues, symposiums, paper presentations, and poster sessions. Topics included cochlear implants, early intervention and parenting, instruction and environment, language and literacy, lifelong learning and quality, social emotion and mental health, teacher education, and technology. Four keynote lectures were summarized in this article to address the following issues. Although the technology for cochlear implants has been developed for more than twenty years, the goal of elevating users’ performance is still waited to be accomplished. The neurologic marks in either imaging or electrophysiological studies evidenced the relationship between neural activities and speech sounds as well as grammar. Deaf people and normal listeners performed differently. It revealed the relationship between reading and speech sounds. The pedagogy of deaf education has been detoured to a single method, i.e. oral-aural. Edmund Burke once said “those who do not know history are destined to repeat it.” We need to bear in mind that deaf education is “many ways, one goal”, rather than “one way, one goal”.
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