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Title: 自發性社區環境行動個案探討
Other Titles: A Case Study of the Self-initiative Environmental Actions in the Community of Taipei City
Authors: 王順美
Issue Date: Oct-1999
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學研究發展處
Office of Research and Development
Abstract: 研究為一個案研究,探索台北市Y社區一群社區婦女帶動的自發性社區環境行動的歷程。以深度訪談核心人員、收集報章文件、和問卷調查來收集資料,並做三叉檢核。研究發現Y社區的環境行動,主要包括生活環保、認識河川水質、自然體驗的教育活動,引發社區內外的打掃、公園、河川的維護、資源回收等的生態管理行動。整個環境行動由一位社區媽媽開始,吸收社區內外資源,帶動其他媽媽、孩子一起學習、一起解決社區環境問題,逐漸凝聚社區、形成組織並改善社區環境,加強居民的環境素養。
This is a case study to explore the process of a series of self-initiatiue community environmental actions conducted by a group of women at the Y community of Taipei city. The authors collected data by an in-depth interview, collecting materials, and questionnaire survey as well as checked its validity and reliability by the triangulation method. This research found that these community women took actions including environmental management and educational activities on green life style, river water quality, and natural experience. The process of community actions was initiated by a housewife. She mobilized resource from inside and outside of her community to hold various activities and actions, recruited other community women and kids to learn and solve environmental problems together. Gradually, the community residents were coagulated and formed two formal organizations. The community environment was improved and community residents' environmental literacy was enhanced during the process.
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