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Title: 從庾信作品的使節典故論其鄉關之思及貳臣之恨
Other Titles: Discussion of the Literary Quotations of Diplomats in Yu Xin’s Works and His Homesickness and Shame
Authors: 簡漢乾
Hon-Kin Kan
Issue Date: Mar-2016
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 庾信是南北朝的重要作家,並多次為梁朝出使;他對身為大國的使者有較強的使命感,加上儒家的出使觀念也對他有所影響。南北朝當時文壇風氣盛行用典,庾信堪稱當中能手。庾信身世背景與命運遭際的矛盾,使其創作時有較特殊的運典取向。本文以庾信出使為切入點,考察其出使過程,以及使節身分對其自身創作的影響。庾信曾多次出使,他的使者情結特別深,於作品中更有意識地加入使者的形像及情感。其作品中使節的典故集中出現,成為一種隱喻。歷來詩評指出庾信鄉關之思特別深刻,而且對自己身仕魏周常感悔恨;本文進一步印證鄉關之思與他本為梁朝使者的關係,使者的情結與他後來出仕西魏、北周產生莫大矛盾,終其一生,貳臣之恨纏繞不去。
This article emphasizes the processes and effects of Yu Xin’s diplomatic missions. Yu Xin participated in various diplomatic missions in the Southern Dynasties and was detained in the north. Because Yu Xin could not return to the south, he fi nally became a political turncoat in the Northern Dynasties. This experience profoundly affected his literary works. Yu Xin was originally a diplomat of the Southern Dynasties and thus experienced guilt and shame after becoming an offi cial of the Northern Dynasties. These emotions combined with his homesickness, causing his works to refl ect deep sadness and regret. In Yu Xin’s works, many literary quotations of diplomats helped to effectively express these emotions and enhanced the artistic appeal of these works.
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