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Titel: 朝鮮金正喜古文《尚書》考辨對清人學說的接受與轉化
Sonstige Titel: Joseon Scholar Kim Jeong Hui’s Study of Gu Wen Shang Shu on the Acceptance and Regeneration of Qing Dynasty’s Theory
Autoren: 陳亦伶
I-Ling Chen
Erscheinungsdatum: Sep-2017
Herausgeber: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Zusammenfassung: 本文旨在探究於中國引起巨大論爭的古文《尚書》真偽之辨中,明清學者的研究成果傳到韓半島後,融合當地政治需求與文化思潮,朝鮮對清人研究成果的吸收與轉化,展開的論爭在經學史上之意義。朱子學是朝鮮開國之初奠立國家一切禮儀準則的圭臬,而朱子學視「人心惟危,道心惟微。惟精惟一,允執厥中」十六字心法為上古三代聖王修心之法,但載錄這十六字心法的〈大禹謨〉篇,竟出於晚出古文《尚書》。若辨證晚出古文《尚書》為偽,那麼遵奉朱子學為至高無上真理的朝鮮,便得承擔文化思想崩解帶來的衝擊。朝鮮文人試圖在漢學與宋學中尋求平衡點,使得朝鮮時代在這場論爭中,最後採取與中國不同的對應方法,為了保全受朱子思想影響深遠的朝鮮文化,最終未能屏棄古文《尚書》。
Since ancient China, the falsification of Shang Shu has triggered overwhelming debate in the study of Confucianism. Relevant research by the scholars of the Ming and Qing Dynasty, later spread to the Korean Peninsula and integrated with local political and cultural ideology, had been absorbed and transformed by Joseon scholars. This study probes into what the Joseon scholars’ debate concerning Chinese studies on the falsification of Shang Shu means to the development of Chinese and Korean research on the study of Confucianism by adopting a Korean Study on Confucian Classics, the Korean Literary Collection in Classical Chinese, and Annals of Joseon Dynasty as primary references. The doctrine of Zhu Xi was the norm of etiquette when Joseon was founded. In the chapter “Counsels of the Great Yu” in Gu Wen Shang Shu, there is a maxim stating that “The mind of man is restless, and its affi nity to conscience is delicate. Be discriminating, be uniform, that you may sincerely conform to the doctrine of mean.” The doctrine of Zhu Xi regards that quote as the method of mental cultivation for three ancient holy emperors: Yao, Shun, and Yu. If Gu Wen Shang Shu was proven to be falsifi ed, the Joseon society that considers the doctrine of Zhu Xi as the supreme truth will incur a severe effect that may quash its cultural beliefs. Because of the eclecticism that intended to seek a balance between Hang Studies and Song studies, the Joseon Dynasty had chosen a different standpoint than China in the debate on Gu Wen Shang Shu to defend Joseon culture, which has been profoundly infl uenced by the doctrine of Zhu Xi.
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