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Title: 梁漱溟論東西哲學危機及解決之道—《東西文化及其哲學》及《唯識述義》二書中的一個思想脈絡
Other Titles: On the Crisis of Eastern and Western Philosophy and the Solution: The Hidden Thread in Shu-Ming Liang’s Two Books
Authors: 胡元玲
Yuan-Ling Hu
Issue Date: Mar-2019
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學
National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 民初新文化運動風起雲湧之際,當代新儒家梁漱溟(1893~1988)於北京大學講學7年期間(1917~1924),出版了著名的《東西文化及其哲學》(1921年)及《唯識述義》(1920年)。但此二書之間的關聯性及其意義,一直隱而未彰。本文則提出,在這兩部深具時代感的著作中,其實蘊藏著一條線索,乃是對東西哲學在現今的危機有所反思,並提出解決之道。首先,分析梁漱溟二書的背景。其次,探討梁漱溟為解決東西哲學危機所作的思考:一方面,藉由印度唯識學與西方柏格森哲學之間的會通,以「直覺」解決西方哲學的形上學危機;另方面,藉由儒學與柏格森哲學之間的會通,以「直覺」解決東方哲學的價值危機。最後,對梁漱溟思想探索的意義與價值予以評論。
At the time of the May Fourth Movement, Shu-Ming Liang (梁漱溟) (1893-1988), one of the first-generation thinkers of Contemporary Neo-Confucianism, was in the midst of his youthful lecturing at Peking University (1917–1924), and published his renowned books, Eastern and Western Culture and its Philosophy (東西文化及其哲學) (1921) as well as Annotating the Meaning of Cittamatra (唯識述義) (1920). However, the connection between these two books and their meanings has been neglected ever since their publication. This paper attempts to demonstrate and analyze the hidden thread that connects these two books. This hidden thread is the contemplation of the crisis of metaphysics in Western philosophy and the crisis of values in Eastern philosophy during modern times, with “intuition” proposed as the solution. First, we explore the background of Liang’s two books. Second, we discuss the solution offered by Liang. He attempted to integrate the thought of the Indian Cittamatra with Bergson’s philosophy, applying the concept of “intuition” to solve thecrisis of metaphysics in Western philosophy. Additionally, he attempted to integrate Confucianism with Bergson’s philosophy, applying the concept of “intuition” to solve the crisis of values in Eastern philosophy. Finally, we conclude the paper by examining the meaning and value of Liang’s efforts.
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