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dc.contributor.authorChiung-Chen Tsengen_US
dc.contributor.authorLi-Yu Hungen_US
dc.description.abstract然教育部建立一套補救教學科技化評量系統,但如何從那套系統篩選出適合各校的補救教學對象一直受到爭議,本研究擬以校本評量資料,針對補救教學篩選決策歷程,試圖找出適合學校系統的運作模式。本研究以一所新生智力表現接近理論人口分布之國中為研究對象,透過科技化評量系統篩選測驗、新生智力測驗、段考學期平均等資料,將學習低成就學生分為五群,並以百分比及描述統計分析,探究各群組學生學習表現,最後以基本閱讀能力測驗結果作為效標,檢核學習低成就學生篩選區分效度。研究結果如下:(1)學習低成就學生中約有3%-6%具基本閱讀能力困難;這些學生可用科技化評量 ≤ 35分找出其中六至八成。(2)PRIORI-tbt 篩選測驗結果,對於高階基本閱讀能力(閱讀理解)困難高風險的偵測有良好效度,對於基礎閱讀能力(識字解碼)困難高風險學生的區分效度則相對低弱許多,故適合以多元篩選指標(智力、段考成績)篩選出識字解碼困難高風險學生;內在能力與實際學業表現差距愈大的學生,愈可能具顯著識字解碼困難,宜提供特定補救教學。根據結果提出校本篩選決策的建議。zh_tw
dc.description.abstractIn order to find an appropriate screen mechanism to make decisions for remediation in junior schools, the study aimed to investigate the empirical data from a school, including Project for Implementation of Remedial Instruction-technology-based testing (PRIORI-tbt), the intelligence test collected in freshman orientation, and formative achievement tests of Chinese as well. Then, we examined the classification accuracy of screen based on Chinese PRIORI-tbt with the basic reading skills tests. All data were analyzed through percentage and descriptive statistical analysis. The major findings were following: (a) There were about 3%-6% low achievers that were at-risk for basic reading difficulties, in which PRIORI-tbt scores ≤ 35 could rule in 40%-60% those who were at-risk for reading problems. (b) PRIORI-tbt shows higher prediction accuracy for reading comprehensive skills; however, its predictive power was lower for decoding skills. Students with greater discrepancy between intelligence and achievement could be more likely to encounter decoding problems; they might need to be supported by specific decoding remediation. The suggestions for school-based screen decision-making are made from the result.en_US
dc.publisherOffice of Teacher Education and Career Serviceen_US
dc.subject.otherremedial instructionen_US
dc.subject.otherclassification accuracyen_US
dc.title.alternativeHow to Screen for Remediation through School-based Data: An Example of a Junior High School in the Chinese Remediation Coursezh_tw
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