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Title: 英語辯論豈是「只可遠觀,不可褻玩」?臺灣高中英語辦論教學推廣研究之實施動機、歷程、成效與省思
Other Titles: Is English Debate in Taiwan a Dream or a Reality? The Execution and Implications of a High School English Debate Promotion Study
Authors: 常紹如
Shan-Ju Chang
Issue Date: Dec-2015
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 辯論在思考訓練、語言學習及公民素養培育上所具有之教育功能早已被學者肯定,但辯論在國內中學英語教育卻一直未受到應有之重視。為彌補此缺幟,筆者決定展開一個以高中為主的三年期「思辨與英語辯論教學推廣研究」。該研究共分三階段,運用七大推廣策略,在全國北、中、南、東四區招募近四十名種子教師,在「英語辯論競賽」、「英語辯論學」及「思辨與論辯生活化行動」等面向下逐步推動思辨與英語辯論教學。本文除簡述研究各年度進行之推廣工作外,並針對各推廣面向檢視其成果,同時亦就各推廣策略之執于成效做出通盤檢討。整體而言,競賽面向下之推廣成果最為豐碩,相較之下,課堂教學及論辯生活化等面向之推廣成呆則不如預期。在推廣策略研究上, 「 教育訓練」為本計畫運用最成功之策略,而「外部溝通」 策略之執行則屢屢受挫。有鑑於此,在高中舉辦難度較高的英語辯論競賽不失為現今持續推廣思辨與口語論辨的有效管道,而如何導正教育決策者對英語辯論內涵之認知及整體教育環境是否有助於思辨與論辯之學習將是日後類似推廣能否成功之關鍵。
Time and again, debate has been proved to be an effective pedagogical vehicle for critical thinking, language learning, and civil education. Yet in the past debate had failed to gamer much attention in high school English education in Taiwan. To redress the situation, a three-year promotion study was set out in an attempt to introduce critical thinking and English debate to local high schools and to research plausible means for such promotion endeavor. Encompassing three phases and employing seven strategies, the study zeroed in on three different domains, which include academic competition, in-class instruction and everyday life argumentation. Close to forty English high school teachers from all over the country were recruited to undertake various tasks and provide feedback. It was found that promotion on the "competition" domain was the most successful; in contrast, the spread in the domains of in-class teaching and everyday life was less satisfactory. "Teacher development" was the strategy most successfully utilized; on the contrary, "external communication" was a strategy landing the least success. Given results as such, holding competitive academic debates appeared to be an effective means of promoting critical thinking and English debate among local high schools. Ultimately it's the p-olicy makers' conceptions of English debate and the educational environment as a whole tliat will decide the future success of similar endeavors.
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