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Title: 差異化教學的桃花源:國中課堂學習共同體的差異化教學設計與實踐
Other Titles: The Utopia of Differentiated Instruction: The Design and Practice of Differentiated Instruction in the Learning Community of Junior High School Classrooms
Authors: 張錫勳
Hsia-Hsun Chang
Issue Date: Dec-2016
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討導入學習共同體理念推動下,國中生物教師如何進行課堂差異化教學,其具體可行策略與可能遭遇的問題。本研究採取質的研究法,並輔以學生學習表現的量化資料。研究結果顯示:透過彈性分組的教學策略,讓學生有機會在不同小組中進行適性的學習活動,這些適性的差異化教學活動對於學生的生態概念學習確實有所幫助,有助於學習動機與學習成效的提升。最後本文提出二項建議做為教師推動差異化教學的參考:(1)構築教師學習共同體的專業社群,共同備課規劃差異化教學活動;(2)做一個A/r/t的教師,結合藝術家/研究者/教師的三重身分,對差異化教學歷程持續進行反思探究的行動研究。
This study investigates how a seventh grade biology teacher uses differentiated instruction under the conception of learning community education. The study use qualitative research methods with quantitative results of students' learning performance to understand achievable strategies and understand possible difficulties in the instructions. The results show that flexible grouping give student the opportunity to engage in differentiated learning in different groups. These differentiated instructional activities can help students' understanding of ecological concepts and promote learning motives and performances. Two suggestions are provided in this study for teachers that try to apply differentiated instructions in classrooms: (1) teachers should build a professional community to plan differentiated instructional activities; (2) teachers should aim to be an A/r/t teacher who participates in action research with continuous reflection and improvement in teaching.
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