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Title: 高中美術「停格動畫」教學之成效評估研究
Other Titles: Research on the Effectiveness of the Evaluation of "Stop-Motion Animation" Teaching in High School Art
Authors: 黃祺惠
Chi-Hui Huang
Issue Date: Mar-2016
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 數位科技的快速唱起逐漸改變了人才培育的方式,科技融入教學已蔚為現今的教育趨勢。科技與人文的整合能提供教育及藝術創作更多元的可能性,為提升學生數位軟體操作能力,並開發學生多元的視覺經驗智能,本研究以臺北市某高級中學六個班級的學生為研究對象,實施停格動畫創作課程,並於課後實施問卷調查,以了解學生作品的創意表現及學習成效。研究結果發現:數位停格動畫創作可激發學生的創意思考能力,且學生創作時可突破手繪障礙,能提升學習興趣與成就是鼠,並能透過小組創作方式提升團結合作精神及績密的組織能力,最後本研究藉此提出未來高役中學美術科數位藝術課程之建議,期望對學生的數位藝術創作能力有所助益。
The rapid emergence of digital technology has gradually changed the way of human resource development, and integrating technology into teaching has become the current education trend. The combination of technology and humanity can provide more diversified possibilities for education and art creation. In order to improve students' digital software operating ability and develop diversified visual experience intelligence, the research took students from 6 classes in Taipei as the research objects to carry out the creation course of stop-motion animation and to answer the questionnaire after class, so as to learn the creative expression of students' works and learning efficiency. The research result finds that the creation of digital stop-motion animation can stimulate students' creative thinking ability and students can overcome hand painted obstacles to improve their interest in learning and sense of achievement, as well as cultivate them a sense of teamwork and organization skills. Finally, the research proposes suggestions for future high school digital art courses to further improve the students' digital art creation ability.
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