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dc.contributor.authorHsiu-Jen Linen_US
dc.description.abstractThis paper aims to explore and elaborate the philosophical education for adaptive teaching and counseling by exploring the secularity and the sacredness of educational experiences. The dimension of secularity is based on the need of life. It means that education should enable people to adapt themselves to changes of the world and to deal with a variety of unforeseeable ituations. In other words, education has a practical role to play in economic and social development. In the recent decades, market values have become a dominant power. The world become more and more dehumanized as a result of capitalism. In the future, the phenomena may loom even larger. Schools would be more utilitarian than ever. It is urgent to emphasize the role of education as one of the principal means to foster a deeper and more harmonious form of human development. It is the sacredness of education. The sacredne s of education is based on the development of men from the natural capacity to the ideal perfection by way of the function of reasoning. As such, in order to keep the balance of education, the secularity and the sacredness of education should be emphasized at the same time. It is the foundation of adaptive teaching and counseling.en_US
dc.publisherOffice of Teacher Education and Career Serviceen_US
dc.subject.otherphilosophy of educationen_US
dc.title.alternativeA Study on the Adaptive Teaching and Counseling from the Philosophical Perspective: the Secularity and the Sacredness of Educationzh_tw
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