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Title: 應用教育APP輔助國中生 數學閱讀理解之教學歷程與成效
Other Titles: The Effects of Educational APP on Junior High School Students' Math Reading Comprehension
Authors: 陳萩紋
Chiu-wen Chen, Yuen-Kuang Liao
Issue Date: Sep-2017
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 本文皆在探討教育APP輔助園中生數學閱讀理解之教學歷程與成效,以研究者任教之兩班為研究參與者,其中一班為實驗組,以教育APP(Padlet、Classdojo與Kahoot!)輔助閱讀理解策略(預測、摘要、提問、澄清與反思)進行數學教學:另一班為對照組,以教師講述法進行教學,研究期程為一年。實驗結果以三年級五次段考數學成績、訪談與5C關鍵能力量表來分析數學學習成效與動機以及關鍵能力的提升情形。研究結果發現,實驗組五次測驗成績呈現進步趨勢,而前兩次測驗分數低於對照組,後三次則高於對照組,但未達顯著。此外,實驗組學生認為使用教育APP能提高數學學習動機並給予正面評價,在5C關鍵能力量表得分則顯著高於對照班。由結果顯示閱讀理解策略融入教學能增進數學概念的理解及自學能力、教育APP輔助教學能激勵學生專注並提高學習動機、此教學以學生為中心,有利於關鍵能力之養成。最後,建議教學時應留意學生於數位工具使用的個別差異與教學時間,善用數位平臺與其他教育APP融入教學以符應不同程度學生的數學學習。
The purpose of this study is to explore the effectiveness of applying educational APP to assist the reading comprehension in math classes. Two classes were taught differently with educational APP to assist in reading comprehension strategies and traditional instruction. The results of the study showed that the five tests showed a trend of progress; the scores of experimental group are lower than the control group in first two tests and higher in the last three tests. The motivation of learning is improved in experimental class and scores are higher than the control class in the 5C key ability scale. The conclusion and suggestion for this study is that reading comprehension strategy into the math classes can enhance the understanding of mathematical concepts and self-learning ability, educational APP assisted mathematics teaching can inspire students' concentration and improve learning motivation, the development of key competencies. The implementation of teaching should pay attention to students in digital tools to use the individual differences and teaching time, make good use of e-learning website and other education APP into the teaching, according to different levels of students learning mathematics.
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