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Titel: 國民中小學活化校園指標建構之研究
Sonstige Titel: A Study on the Construction of the Indicators for Activating Campus of Junior High Schools and Elementary Schools
Autoren: 鍾敏菁
Min-Ching Chung
Erscheinungsdatum: Sep-2018
Herausgeber: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Zusammenfassung: 本研究旨在建構我國國民中小學活化校園之指標,採用焦點團體座談及模糊德懷術研究法進行探究。焦點團體座談係由12位對活化校園具有理論與實務經驗之學者專家,針對文獻探討所完成之問卷初稿提供建議,藉以蒐集其在理論與實務上的意見;模糊德懷術研究法則用於正式問卷之實施,依據模糊德懷術之實施步驟,針對19位學者專家之施測結果進行統計分析及指標篩選,最後確定活化校園指標之建構。依據上述方法進行探究,獲致結論:一、活化校園指標架構包括:活化領導、活化空間、活化教學、活化資源及活化效能等五大層面,共計三十個指標。二、本研究建構之活化校園指標以簡扼重要,全數指標獲得專家學者高度認同,活化教學層面最高獲得認同度,最後根據研究結果對國中小與教育行政機構提出具體建議。
This study aimed at constructing indicators for activating campus of junior high schools and elementary schools to have in-depth discussion with focus group interview method and Fuzzy Delphi technique. Focus group interview was to make suggestion on the draft of questionnaire developed from literature review by scholars and experts who are equipped with both theory and practical experiences, so as to collect their theoretic and practical opinions. Fuzzy Delphi technique was to be applied for formal questionnaire. It conducts analytical statistics and indicator screening on the results of 19 scholars and experts, thereby identifying the construction of activated campus indicators. Conclusions are finalized by aforementioned-method exploration: 1. Activation of campus indicator structure consists of 5 dimensions covering a total of 30 indicators, i.e., leadership activation, space activation, teaching activation, resource activation and efficiency activation. 2. The activation of campus indicator constructed in the Study hereof was highly approved by experts and scholars with its all streamlined and important indicators, among of which, teaching activation obtained the highest degree of approved. At last, suggestions were made specifically to elementary schools, junior high schools and educational administrative institution on the basis of the findings hereof.
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