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Title: 從分散到回應:高中優質化的領導實踐跨個案研究
Authors: 楊巧玲
Chiao-Ling Yang, Pei-Ying Chen, Wen-Jon Hung, Mei-Ju Chen, Yung-Shan Hung, Chih-Lin Sun
Issue Date: Mar-2018
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 高中優質化輔助方案(以下簡稱高優方案)自民國96學年度起開始辦理,歷經了三個期程。本研究透過探索幾所學校參與方案的歷程與成果,希望有助於反思方案的推動,同時協助學校思索如何持續優質發展。本研究立意選擇六所背景多元的個案學校,資料蒐集方法是訪談與參考相關文件及個案學校的相關資料。研究發現,六所個案學校因客觀條件和組織動能之差異,學校改進從點到面的積累歷程也有所不同。學校的回應式領導實踐反映在願景共識的凝聚程度、教師動能的共好程度、以及組織氛圍的信任程度上,學校因優質化階段而有不同程度的轉化與創新。跨個案的比較讓我們看見領導與動能的關聯,以及政策引導對學校優質化之影響。
School Actualization Program (SAP) is a comprehensive high school-improvement program that has been implemented through the three phase of SAP since 2007. This study was to investigate the process and effects of participating schools to validate the impacts of the SAP and figure out the paths for sustaining school improvement efforts. Six schools were intentionally selected in this study. Interviews and SAP-related documents were used for data collection. The results showed different paths of school reform process reflected different kinds of school contexts and organizational dynamics. School practices of responsive leadership differed in the consensus of school visions, collective responsibilities through teacher capacity building, and a climate of collegial trust between schools. The extent to which school transformation and in ovation occurred have resulted from the depth of SAP realization. Comparison between schools indicated the correlation between leadership styles and organizational capacity. It also showed how school improvement trajectories were influenced by the reform policy.
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