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Title: 由另類教育分析創新教學之實施:以耶拿學校為例
Other Titles: Innovative Pedagogy Practice in Jenaplan Schools: Reflecting from Alternative Education
Authors: 駱明儀
Ming-Yi Lou, Robin Jung-Cheng Chen
Issue Date: Mar-2019
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 本研究以歐洲耶拿學校為例做分析,探討耶拿學校教學實施之特色與運用,研究透過深度訪談與實地田野調查之質性研究方法,深入記錄該學校型態,經分析歸納後,本研究認為耶拿創新教學可分述如下:一、落實以學生為主體的學習,以別具特色的四大活動─對話、遊戲、工作與歡慶,交錯安排串連起每日課程,具適應個別需求的彈性時間與空間安排。二、課程設計著重自主學習與混齡團體合作,兩者交互作用下,學生從混齡團體發展自主學習,學習小組發展互助合作混齡團體,提升內在動力與團體動能。三、耶拿教師是團體的領導者,具備多元動能、宏觀的組織能力,重視情境的營造與團體氛圍,以細心的引導與充分信任支持學生,給予自由與責任來引領學習,建立學生積極主動的課堂參與。
This study aims to understand innovative pedagogy, and its teaching effects echoing from alternative education. The study took Jenaplan school as example, discussing the characteristics and applications of innovative teaching in Jenaplan school. After analysis and induction, the study concludes that the innovative pedagogy of Jenaplan school were analyzed as follows: I. Through the four distinctive activities: dialogue, play, work and celebration. They realize student-centered innovative pedagogy perspective. The four activities are arranged alternatively with flexible schedule and space in daily courses. II. The curriculum design focuses on self-regulated learning and cooperation with multi-age groups. Under the interaction of the two elements, students develop self-regulated learning from multi-age groups, and the learning groups develop mutual-help and cooperative multi-age groups to enhance internal motivation and group dynamics. III. Jenaplan teachers are the group leaders. They always emphasize on the creation of context and group atmosphere, with careful guidance and trust to support students. They have multiple kinetic energy with macro-thinking and excellent planning and organization ability to give freedom and responsibility for students to build their in-class participation.
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