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Title: 海洋教育與國際視野-高中國際教育之個案研究
Other Titles: Marine Education and Global Perspective: A Case Study of a High School's International Education
Authors: 彭佳偉
Jia-Wei Peng
Issue Date: Mar-2018
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 教育部(2011)《中小學國際教育白皮書》指出,透過「課程發展與教學」、「國際交流」、「教師專業成長」及「學校國際化」四軌,達到培養具備國家認同、國際素養、全球競合力、全球責任感的國際人才的目標。本研究以個案研究法的質性研究觀點,探索高中學生赴澳洲昆士蘭州進行國際教育活動並參與海洋課程後所展現的學習成果。研究顯示,澳洲高中海洋課程強調親海與愛海,課程活動具備實作與體驗精神;臺灣學生認為「全球議題」主題軸下的「合作與競爭」、「環境與永續」,「文化學習」下的「文化多樣性」、「文化接觸」,以及「國際關連」下的「全球化」、「空間關連」等六個次主題,能在當地課程裡展現國際視野的內涵。因此,澳洲高中對於海洋課程的設計值得我國參考,以達成國際教育提升學生國際視野與文化包容性的目標。
In the "White Paper on International Education for Primary and Secondary Schools", the Ministry of Education pointed that we would develop the students with the abilities of national identity, international literacy, global competition/cooperation and global responsibility through four path of "curriculum development," "international exchange," "teacher professional growth" and "school internationalization." This study aims to explore the learning outcomes on international issues when high school students going to Queensland, Australia, to participate in indoor/outdoor marine courses based on both "integration courses" and "Ocean Courses" by qualitative case study method. The research shows that Australian high school curriculum emphasize walking close to ocean and seaside and planning experience activities for students. After the students participated in the program, they generally considered six axes including "global competition/cooperation," "environment and sustainability" under global issues, "cultural diversity," "cultural contact" under cultural learning issues, and "globalization," "space related" under international association issues, as the main content of an international perspective on the local marine curriculum. Therefore, the marine courses in Australian high school are worth considering. We can also acquire the results to raise students' international perspective and cultural inclusiveness within the marine courses, which is one of the goals of international education.
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