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Title: 校長翻轉領導:教師教學創新的催化劑
Other Titles: Principals' Flipping Leadership: The Catalyst for Teacher's Instructional Innovation
Authors: 謝傳崇
Chuan-Chung Hsieh, Hsuan-Jui Weng
Issue Date: Sep-2018
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 隨著教學趨勢的不斷變遷,校長須打破傳統框架與時俱進,以更精進、專業的教育技術帶領學校邁入新時代,校長要具有翻轉教學思維,能夠營造多元學習環境,建立豐富學習文化,鼓勵教師活化教學,在教學活動中妥善運用資訊科技,建構以學生學習為中心,營造卓越的創新教育環境。本研究旨在透過文獻分析方式探討校長翻轉領導的興起及其對教師教學創新的影響,接著進行校長翻轉領導具體作法運用於教育現場之深究,最後建議校長可以透過翻轉思維建構彈性且多元的學習情境,凝聚親師生與社區對於學生學習之共識;建立健全教學獎勵制度,促進教師創新理念;豐富學校多元學習文化,善用團隊與社群,激勵教師教學專業自主,進行課程創新實踐;並以翻轉領導活化教師創新能量,進而提升教師教學創新。
With the constant change of instructional trend, principals shall break through traditional framework with the time and guide schools to approach new era with more advanced and professional educational technology. Principal shall stick to a thinking of flipping teaching mode, build comprehensive learning environment, create rich range of learning culture, encourage teachers to make the teaching style alive, make a good use of information technology amid teaching activities, centralize learning by terms of students, build a remarkable innovative education environment. This study aimed at exploring the rise of principal's flipping leadership and its effect on teacher's instructional innovation with literature review. Then, it probed into the application of specific approaches in educational sites. Finally, principals were suggested to construct a flexible and diverse learning situation via flipping thoughts and convergent consensus of parents, teachers, students and communities on student's learning; build robust teaching reward system, and promote teacher's innovative concept; enrich comprehensive learning culture of campus, and make a good use of team and community, inspire teacher to be in autonomy and professionalism behind teaching mode and implement innovative practice of curriculum. In addition, they shall activate teacher's innovative energy, thereby upgrading teacher's instructional innovation with flipping leadership.
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