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Title: 校長推動十二年國民基本教育新課綱的領導作為
Other Titles: Principal Leadership in the Promotion of the 12-Year Basic Education Curriculum
Authors: 謝金城
Chin-Cheng Hsieh
Issue Date: Sep-2018
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 十二年國民基本教育新課綱的實施,是現階段最重要的教育政策。各校正如火如荼的準備之中,教育部規劃自民國108年度施行,其中,新課綱影響高級中等學校最為深遠。本文旨在論述高中校長推動十二年國民基本教育新課綱的領導作為,首先從法制面和實務面分析教育鬆綁後,校長在權責失衡下的領導困境;其次揭櫫十二年國民基本教育課程綱要的重要內涵和價值,最後提出校長推動新課綱的領導作為,包括:帶領教師解讀總綱、責成處室任務分工、成立各種推動小組、統整各科教師意見、完成學校課程計畫。本文認為校長領導攸關108新課綱執行的成敗,教育主管機關應重視校長權責不相符的問題,讓校長有權有能有責,才能有效經營校務和執行新課綱任務。
The implementation of new curriculum in 12-year basic education is the most important education policy in this stage. Every school is making full effort in getting prepared for it. The Ministry of Education plans to put new curriculum into practice in 2019, among of which, its effect on senior high schools was believed to be most far-reaching. This study aimed at discussing principal leadership in the promotion of new curriculum in the 12-year basic education. Firstly, it discloses principal leadership plight under imbalance between power and responsibility caused by loosen educational policy from the law and practice viewpoints. Secondly, it explored significant inner meanings and value of the outline governing the 12-year basic education curriculum. Finally, it brought out principal leadership in the promotion of the 12-year basic education curriculum, which included guiding teachers to interpret general curriculum outline, requesting labor division among sections and departments, establishing various promotion committees, integrating opinions from teachers amid different subjects in the school, and accomplishing curriculum plan. In this study, principal leadership was believed to be correlated with the success or failure in the implementation of new curriculum of 2019 that the competent authority shall emphasize on the issues arising out of discrepancy behind principal power and responsibility. Campus affairs won't be operated effectively and mission of new curriculum won't be implemented fully unless with principal's power, capability and responsibility.
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