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Title: 從繪本引導國一學生閱讀與創作──以《狐狸孵蛋》繪本創作實施歷程為例
Other Titles: Using Picture Books as a Guide for Junior High School Students' Reading and Writing-Taking a Picture Book Entitled "Hu Li Fu Dan" as an Example
Authors: 林月芳
Yueh-Fang Lin
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 本文嘗試以筆者任教國中一年級的三個班級學生為對象,以康軒版教材繪本範文〈曹操掉下去了〉為基礎,設計延伸繪本閱讀與寫作課程。閱讀活動搭配「晨光閱讀」實施三個月,然後進行三節寫作課程。教師設計符合學生程度、生活經驗的學習單,課後透過學生作品了解學生學習狀況、探究其中成效,所得結論如下:一、繪本廣受國中學生喜愛,是帶領學生走入浩瀚書海的極佳媒介。二、繪本寫作有別於一般制式寫作,可提升學生寫作興趣,激發想像力及創造力。所得建議如下:一、區別學生程度介紹適讀繪本,設立明確教學目標。二、利用平時範文教學時間培養寫作觀念及技巧,每一節都是作文暖身操。三、跨美術、資訊領域統整教學,提升學生繪本作品的美感與質感。四、藉「繪本」搭起「故事體」創作學習鷹架,為「小說創作」奠基。
The curriculums for further reading and writing are designed by using an article entitled "Cao Cao Diao Xia Qu Le" in Kang Hsuan textbook as a model and the subjects of the study are the seventh graders in the same junior high school. The reading activity has spanned three months and the writing activities have been conducted in three periods. The activity sheets are designed according to the subjects' ability and their life experiences. Through the students' works, the conclusions are made as follows. 1. Picture books are deeply loved by junior high school students and are a good means to guide students to do further reading. 2. Picture book writing, which is different from conventional writing, can motivate students' interest in writing and inspire their imagination and creativity. Suggestions: 1. Divide the students into different groups based on their ability to introduce suitable picture books and set specific teaching goals. 2. Make use of model essay teaching to cultivate students' writing concepts and skills and all the reading activities are warm-up activities for writing. 3. Integrate art teaching and technology teaching to elevate beauty and quality of students' writing works. 4. Utilize picture books as a scaffold of narrative writing for the seventh graders to laid a good foundation for the eighth graders to undergo a novel creating course.
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