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Title: 國中學生學校歸屬感影響模式之研究
Authors: 阮孝齊
Hsiao-Chi Juan
Issue Date: Sep-2015
Publisher: 教育研究與評鑑中心
Center for Educational Research and Evaluation
Abstract: 學生在學校受教育的過程,以及對於學校的歸屬感,影響其教育效果甚大。學校活動以及教師行為對學生成就的影響機制仍在建構中。許多研究指出,學校歸屬作為青少年學校行為與心理功能的中介因素,透過學習動機可作為預測學業成就的有效變項。本研究目的在透過模式建構,探討國中學生在校參與各項活動,以及接受教師行為,透過學校歸屬感以及學習動機,對其學業成就之影響。透過相關分析與結構方程模式進行統計分析,並驗證其整體模式效果。本研究對象為臺灣教育長期追蹤資料庫(TEPS)中,合併2003年第二波國中學生調查的資料,清理出13,247 個樣本作為對象。研究主要發現(1)對教師的教室教學感受正向的學生、與對於學校活動感受正向的學生,其學習動機與學校歸屬感較正向,學業成就亦較正向;(2)焦慮感對學校歸屬感具有負向影響,但對學業成就具有正向影響;(3)學習動機對學業成就具有正向影響;(4)學校活動、教室教學透過學校歸屬感對學習動機產生正向影響;(5)整體模式適配良好,共能解釋約40 的總體變異量。據此,本研究對未來研究與學校教學與行政實務提出相關建議。
The process of schooling and students’ sense of belonging to school affect their education achievement quite a lot. The mechanism of school activities and teachers’ behavior to students’ achievement is under development. The former researches show that the sense of school belonging may play as a mediating factor between psychology demands and obvious behaviors for early adolescents. This research tries to conduct a model to figure out the mediation effect of school belonging among school activities, teacher behaviors, and learning motivation on academic achievement. In the research the SEM and correlation analysis are used to structure the hall model and estimate the parameters. The research uses the junior high school students’ data from the second wave Taiwan Education Panel Survey (TEPS)collected in 2003, and the sample size is 13,247. The result shows that: (1) The students with positive feeling about teacher instruction and school activities tend to have higher sense of belonging to school and learning motivation as well as better academic achievement. (2) Students’ anxiety has negative effect on their sense of belonging, but it proves to be positive on their motivation and achievement. (3) The learning motivation has positive effect on the achievement. (4) The mediation effect of school belonging is significant between school activities, teacher behaviors and learning motivation. (5) The fitness index of the fixed model is acceptable, and the R square of hall model is approximately 40. The research offers several concrete suggestions for teaching and school administration.
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