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dc.contributor.authorHsun-Hsun Chungen_US
dc.description.abstract本研究旨在探討建構反應題中,面對不同任務類型時七年級生解題時的自我效能信念有何不同。本研究以高雄市某公立國中的兩班七年級學生為樣本,先對兩班的所有學生進行紙筆調查,紙筆調查包含了兩個部分:建構反應試題的測驗部分、針對每一個題目的自評部分,調查後再從兩班各抽出一位學生進行個別訪談,以確認影響學生自評背後的原因。本研究先針對建構反應題中的任務類型作分類, 再從QuantitativeUnderstanding: Amplifying Student Achievement and Reasoning 計畫中的認知評量工具選出不同任務類型的題目作為我們的研究工具,並依照既定的評分方式進行評分。從通過的學生群當中檢視他們自我效能的分布,輔以兩位學生的訪談結果歸納出對學生自我效能信念有具影響力的因素為何,從自我評量和訪談的結果皆顯示出兩種不同的任務類型左右了學生的對自己解題時的自我效能信念。本研究除了提供一個分類建構反應題的方式可供往後建構反應題相關的研究時使用,亦建議教學時也應增加使用「求部分解」類型題目的機會。zh_tw
dc.description.abstractThe major purpose of this study is to investigate Taiwanese 7th grade students’ self-efficacy beliefs about the problem-solving performances on constructed-response questions, and to examine the relation between the beliefs and the types of the tasks. This research classified the constructed-response questions in terms of task types, and applied two different task types to students from two classes of a public junior high school in Kaohsiung. The constructed-response items applied in this study is selected form Quantitative Understanding: Amplifying Student Achievement and ReasoningCognitive Assessment Instrument. The investigator asked students to solves these constructed-response items and rate their own performances. Additionally, interviews were conducted to further investigate their self-assessment given in the written test. The results from the self-assessment and the interviews indicated that the task types affected students’ self-efficacy beliefs. From the task types classified, this study provided an alternative to the classification of the constructed-response items. The investigator also recommended applying more “finding partial solution(s)” type of questions in mathematics classrooms.en_US
dc.publisherScience Education Center,National Normal Universityen_US
dc.subject.otherself-efficacy beliefen_US
dc.subject.othertask typeen_US
dc.title.alternativeA Study on 7th Grade Students’ Response to Items of Different Task Typeszh_tw
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