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Titel: 從禪坐者之身心體驗重新理解高峰經驗
Sonstige Titel: To Re-Understand Peak-Experience Base on Zen Meditation Experience
Autoren: 曾怡茹
Yi-Ru Tzeng
Cheng-Chang Lin
Erscheinungsdatum: Dez-2015
Herausgeber: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Zusammenfassung: 本研究主要目的在從禪坐經驗重新理解高峰經驗,藉由禪坐者的身心體驗呈現高峰經驗的面貌,並進一步還原出令它如此這般的本質,一方面期望澄清大眾對高峰經驗的迷思,另一方面也藉此重新認識高峰經驗。本研究以現象學為方法,邀請八位禪坐者接受訪談,研究發現:高峰經驗與禪坐經驗二者師出同源,都希望吾人能淡化「小我」界線,逐漸回歸「大我」之中;然而,禪坐經驗比文獻上所記載高峰經驗來得更加完整微細,而且高峰經驗沒有固定特徵。若想體驗高峰經驗,不需要催化物,只要相同本質的活動,例如:瑜珈或太極拳,皆能使身心轉化,達致高峰經驗。高峰經驗的本質在於「超越小我,成就大我」,親證超個人心理學的宇宙觀與人性觀,其意義在於「實現自我」之上更要「超越自我」,超越這個非永恆的「小我」進而實現「真我」。
The purposes of this study were to re-understand the peak experience from the perspective of the Zen meditation experience. Through meditators’ different experiences, a variety of aspects of the peak experience could be reexamined to further discover its essence. Moreover, the study aims to clarify public myths toward the peak experience and this issue would be received more attention in academia. This study adopted phenomenology as the methodology of this study. The transcripts of conversation recordings from eight Zen mediators were analyzed, and the results were as follows: (1) All of the peak experience, the plateau experience and the Zen meditation experience descend from the same origin which expects that human beings should weaken the boundary of ‘ego’ and focus on ‘self’. However, it shows that the peak experience is not equivalent to the Zen meditation experience. There are differences which existed in the depth and the width between the two experiences. Previous studies provided more details about the Zen meditation experience than the peak experience. (2) There are no fixed images of the peak experience. (3) The trigger is not necessary for approaching the peak experience. Therefore, those essentially the same activities such as Yoga and Taichiquan, are also helpful for the transformation of the body and soul and realizing the essence of the peak experience. (4) The essence of the peak experience lies in the idea of ‘self-transcendence’. The nature of the peak experience is for validating the world view and humanity view of transpersonal psychology. That is, we try to be aware of the existence of ‘self’ to achieve the goal of ‘self-actualization’ and to further reach for ‘self-transcendence’. We go beyond the temporary ‘ego’ and accomplish the ‘real self’.
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