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Title: 文章連貫性和人稱敘寫觀點對兒童道德故事主題理解之影響
Other Titles: The Effects of Text Coherence and Narrative Perspective on Children’s Moral Story Comprehension
Authors: 連啟舜
Chi-Shun Lien
Ssu-Chieh Chang
Issue Date: Mar-2016
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究目的在探討文章連貫性和人稱敘寫觀點對不同年紀兒童道德故事主題理解之影響,以了解不同年紀兒童對道德主題理解程度,並檢驗「文章連貫性」、「人稱敘寫觀點」對兒童道德主題之影響。本研究選取三篇道德故事加以改寫,分別操弄故事的文章連貫性及人稱敘寫觀點,形成「因果順敘+第一人稱」、「因果順敘+第三人稱」、「因果倒敘+第一人稱」及「因果倒敘+第三人稱」四個實驗版本,分別由三年級和五年級學童閱讀同一版本的三篇故事,在閱讀後測量其不同層次的閱讀理解表現。結果發現在自由回憶、字面理解、推論理解部分,五年級學童表現優於三年級,且文章連貫性有顯著的影響,學童在閱讀因果順敘版本表現較佳,本研究結果支持文章連貫性對兒童道德理解的假設。但是在兒童在不同人稱敘寫版本的理解表現上並未有明顯的差異。此外道德主題理解的層次,本研究中並未得到顯著的效果。本研究結果僅支持「文章連貫性」假設,而「人稱敘寫觀點」並沒有明顯效果。
The purposes of this study were to investigate the effects of text coherence and narrative perspective on children’s moral theme comprehension at different grade levels and to test the effects of “text coherence” and “narrative perspective.” Three different moral stories were adapted and rewritten into four versions: first-person with chronological version, first-person with flashback version, and third-person with chronological version, third-person with flashback version. Participants were third and fifth graders recruited from an elementary school and randomly assigned to read one of the four versions. Four different measures were used to assess students’ comprehension performance, which included free recall, text-based representation, inference representation, and theme representation. The results showed that there were reliable main effects ofgrade level and coherence on free recall, textbase, and inference measures. Fifth graders outperformed third graders, and participants who read the causal coherent version performed better than those who read the less coherent version. However, there was no reliable main effect of narrative perspective, and no effect was found on measures of theme comprehension. The results of this study only supported “text coherent hypothesis, but did not support the hypothesis of narrative perspective.
Other Identifiers: D4EA672E-2010-1B03-B747-11F6F9CFF0C8
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