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Title: 培育科學教學創造力:科學教學創新要素之探究
Other Titles: On Exploring Factors for Creative Science Teaching
Authors: 林偉文
Wei-Wen Lin
Chia-Yu Liu
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 教學創新是有效達成科學教學目標的重要途徑之一,若能抽繹出科學教學創新歷程中的核心要素,作為教學創新的鷹架,將能幫助更多教師發展教學創新。因此,本研究從教師思考層面,改變教師對教學之思維,抽取科學教學創新的核心要素,並將其轉化為教師創新教學設計的工具,以培育科學教師的教學創造力。本研究根據林偉文與劉家瑜(2013)訪談九位科學創意教師與科學創意教案分析所得之22 個科學教學創新要素,邀請14 位科學教育領域專家,進行兩回合德懷術問卷調查。研究結果發現,專家對於22 個要素科學教學創新要素的重要性具有共識,其中「融入生活議題」、「轉抽象為具體」、「跨領域整合\主題統整\科技與人文整合」、「多元評量」、「運用問題引導」與「培養觀察、獨立思考與問題解決的能力」等六項,是具最高共識之重要指標項目。冀能透過教學創新要素之建構,協助教師發展教學創新。
Creative teaching is one of the effective ways to achieve the learning goals. If we could extract the critical factors from creative teaching process, we may offer support to teachers who desire to develop their creative teaching in a more effective way. Therefore, the main purpose of the current study is to explore the factors of creative science teaching and to improve teachers' creative teaching ability. A structured Delphi questionnaire was developed based on the interviews of nine creative science-teachers and analysis of creative science-teaching programs (Lin & Liu, 2013). A two-round Delphi questionnaire survey was conducted to collect opinions from 14 scholars and teachers of science education to explore the factors of creative science teaching. Results indicated that among all the 22 creative science teaching factors, 6 factors were regarded as the most important: connect teaching to daily life, transform abstract to concrete, adopt cross-discipline/themes, use multiple assessments, use inquiry-based learning, as well as foster the ability of observing, independent thinking independently, and problem-solving. The results can be employed as guidelines and tools for teachers who desire to develop their own creative teaching programs in their careers.
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