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dc.contributor.authorFei Lien_US
dc.contributor.authorShuh-Ren Jinen_US
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this research was to use the method of discourse analysis to enquire the word structure and connotation of the psychological displacement paradigm in diary-writing (PDPD). The data came from six Chinese college students who participated in this research for four weeks. The research results were as follows: 1. The PDPD produced ten kinds of discourse models and any permutationandcombination about the models can be done in one pronoun. It Is worthnotingthat the ten models were universal and can exist in any PDPD. The pronoun of “I” was mainly based on the discourse model of self-disclosure, the pronoun of “You” was mainly based on the discourse model of consolation, the pronoun of “He” was based on the discourse model of audit, and the pronoun of “back to Me” focused on the discourse model of policy and consolation. 2. In this research study, the PDPD had 69 social roles (including the role-played by clients and the role that was faced by clients). 3. The PDPD included twenty general scenarios in all. 4. The language features of the emotionalwords and biased emotionalwords in PDPD: in compareison with the pronoun of “I”, the number of positive emotional words and sentences biased towards positive emotions increased in other pronouns, while the number of the negative emotional words and sentences biased towards negative emotions decreased in other pronouns.en_US
dc.publisherDepartment of Educational Psychology, NTNUen_US
dc.subject.otherdiscourse analysisen_US
dc.subject.otherpsychological displacementen_US
dc.title.alternativeResearch on The Word Structure and Connotation of Psychological Displacement Paradigm in Diary-Writing (PDPD): A Discourse Analysiszh_tw
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