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Title: 幼兒英語學習的家庭教育環境、父母效能與學習熱情之路徑模式
Other Titles: The Path Model of Preschoolers' Family Educational Environment, Parental Efficacy, and Passion in Learning English
Authors: 謝皓薇
Hao-Wei Hsieh
Yu-Chu Yeh
Issue Date: Mar-2016
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究目的在探討學齡前幼兒的英語學習家庭教育環境、父母效能與熱情(強迫性熱情與和諧性熱情)的現況及相互影響的路徑模式。本研究使用問卷調查法,所使用的量表為研究者所發展之幼兒英語學習家庭教育環境量表、幼兒英語學習父母效能量表與幼兒英語學習熱情量表;研究參與者為台灣515 位幼兒園大班家長。研究發現:(一)參與幼兒的英語學習家庭教育環境、父母效能與熱情具中上程度;(二)結構方程模式分析發現:幼兒英語學習的父母效能與家庭教育環境互動後會透過父母效能影響強迫性熱情;此外,家庭教育環境與父母效能互動後會透過家庭教育環境影響和諧性熱情,且強迫性熱情會影響和諧性熱情。
This study aims to explore the path model of preschoolers’ family educational environment, parental efficacy, and passion (obsessive passion and harmonious passion) in learning English. The participants in this study were 515 preschoolers’ parents in Taiwan. This study used a survey method that included three instruments developed by the researchers Inventory of Preschoolers’ Family Educational Environment in Learning English, Inventory of Preschoolers’ Parental Efficacy in Learning English, and Inventory of Preschoolers’ Passion in Learning English. This study found that (1) the preschoolers had good family educational environment, parental efficacy, and passion in learning English; (2) Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) found that the interaction between preschoolers’ parental efficacy and family educational environment had effects on obsessive passion via parental efficacy. Moreover, the interaction of preschoolers’ family educational environment and parental efficacy had effects on harmonious passion via family educational environment, and preschoolers’ obsessive passion had effects on their harmonious passion.
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