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Title: 大學生服務學習態度對關懷弱勢群體的影響關係:網路社會關懷連結的調節效果
Other Titles: The Impact of Service-learning Attitudes on Caring Minority Groups for College Students: The Moderating Effect of Online Social Caring Connections
Authors: 張義雄
I-Hsiung Chang, Hsiang-Ying Shen, Ru-Si Chen
Issue Date: Sep-2018
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學教育心理學系
Department of Educational Psychology, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究關注大學生服務學習態度對關懷弱勢群體展現助人意向與不同社會群體公平對待看法,並探討網路社會關懷連結態度在此影響關係所表現的調節作用。研究者使用問卷調查探討大學生對服務學習與弱勢群體關懷態度的影響因素和調節作用,自編問卷涵蓋「服務學習態度」、「關懷弱勢群體」、「網路社會關懷連結」等潛在構面,運用偏最小平方法分析問卷資料並檢定調節變項的交互效果與統計顯著性。研究結果指出大學生運用網路科技關心弱勢群體,藉由網路社群集結學習夥伴進行社會服務的看法,調節其對服務學習活動的助人意向與弱勢群體之社會關懷實踐以改善弱勢群體不利地位之看法。具有低度網路社會關懷連結態度的大學生,認同服務學習活動的助人意向之實施目標與教學安排,有助於其關懷弱勢群體的不公不義處境,並尋思以社會公平的改善之道。
This study focused on the college students’ attitude toward service learning on the perceptions about minority caring and helping intentions, and explored the moderating effects of social caring minority groups on this relationship. This study examined the influencing factors and moderating effect of college students’ attitudes toward service-learning and caring minority groups by survey. The questionnaire consisted of three factors, including service-learning attitudes, caring minority groups, and online social caring connections. The researchers employed partial least squares to analyze the sample data, and testing interaction effect and statistical significance with the moderating factor. The results indicated college students’ perceptions about the online social caring interactions and community connections moderated their attitudes toward the relationship of service-learning practices and caring or improving the social situations of minority groups. The college students with the lower scores of online social caring connections had the positive preferences about practical objectives and instructions of service-learning activities, and helped their considerations about the unfair and unequal situations for minority groups to improve their disadvantaged status
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