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Title: 在不同課程順序下在不同課程順序下學生對鎖具構造概念建立之研究
Other Titles: The study of the students realization to the lock structures under different curriculum orders
Authors: 余安順
An-Shun Yu
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學科技應用與人力資源發展學系
National Taiwan Normal University Department of Technology Application and Human Resource Development
Abstract: 本研究是以相同的課程,不同的順序安排動手做與觀展活動,並以競賽方式促進學童在鎖具構造上的瞭解同時學習鎖具構造的興趣,本研究目的是希望瞭解何種順序的課程安排,有助於學童函深學習鎖具的構造和興趣,並藉由動手做與競賽策略,檢視學童是否達到鎖具構造概念的建立。本研究參函的探究組學童有32 人,其中凿含24 個男生與8 個女生;解說組的學童有23 人,其中凿含16 個男生與7 個女生。本研究利用問卷與學習單的方式評估學童參函活動前後的鎖具構造學習情形,研究結果顯示探究組學童在鎖具活動前後的科學學習興趣和自我效能均有顯著差異,而解說組的學童自我效能有達到顯著差異,科學學習興趣則未達顯著差異。此外,結合動手做與鎖具競賽活動可以有效幫助學童對於鎖具構造的了解。本研究參函的探究組學童有32人,其中凿含24個男生與8個女生;解說組的學童有23人,其中凿含16個男生與7個女生。本研究利用問卷與學習單的方式評估學童參函活動前後的鎖具構造學習情形,研究結果顯示探究組學童在鎖具活動前後的科學學習興趣和自我效能均有顯著差異,而解說組的學童自我效能有達到顯著差異,科學學習興趣則未達顯著差異。此外,結合動手做與鎖具競賽活動可以有效幫助學童對於鎖具構造的了解。
The aim of the study is to use the same curriculum but the different orders of the curriculum to discuss the students’ various responses in learning the structures of locks. In the meanwhile, by the hand-on activities and competitions, it evaluates the students learning interests and acquisitions of the structures of locks. The investigation group has totally 32 students including 24 boys and 8 girls. The contrast group has totally 23 students including 16 boys and 7 girls. The data of the questionnaires and worksheets is used to discuss the differences of the students’ learning before and after the course. The results show that the investigation group has the positive improvement in learning interests and self-efficacy. At the same time, the contrast group only has the positive improvement in self-efficacy. Moreover, it is helpful for the students to learn the structures of locks through the hands-on activities and game-oriented competitions.
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