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Title: LED電動機模型教具的研製與教學評估
Other Titles: Teaching Evaluation and Development of LED Motor Model Teaching Aids
Authors: 彭世興
Shyh-Shing Perng
Issue Date: Jun-2014
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學科技應用與人力資源發展學系
National Taiwan Normal University Department of Technology Application and Human Resource Development
Abstract: 本文以「高亮度LED燈」代替「電動機線圈」的創新概念,研製一個「LED電動機模型教具」。利用LED發光的顏色,顯示電動機線圈通電後,所產生磁場的極性與方向。再以電路控制LED燈的亮滅,產生類似廣告燈的旋轉視覺效果,藉由LED色彩的變化可吸引學生注意,提高學習動機。利用「手動操作」的模式,將旋轉電機「連續」快速的動作方式,分解成「離散」步階的手動操作模式。使學生由一步一步手動的操作過程,觀察LED燈顏色的亮滅變化,體會出電動機建立旋轉磁場的工作原理。本文所研製的「LED電動機模型教具」,應用於實際的「電機機械」教學課程,並經由問卷與成就測驗完成教學成效評估。本文發展的教具與教材,可作為高職、大專院校等開設電機機械理論與實驗課程之教學參考與應用。
In this paper, we create a “newly designed LED motor teaching device” based on the innovative concept of substituting LED for coil inside the motor. The color of LED lights indicates the pole and direction of the magnetic field. With a control circuit to manipulate the LED lights, we can create visual effects that simulate the spinning motion of electromagnetic fields inside a motor. The colorful blinking LED light, resembles the neon sign, can attract students' attention easily and boost their learning motivation. This device will break down the “continuous” rapid action of rotating electrical machinery, into a “discrete” step-by-step manual operation mode. With the aids of the flashing LED lights, students will gradually understand the principles of rotating electrical machines through hands-on operation. The rotating electrical machinery teaching materials can be used in actual electrical machinery courses. The teaching evaluation estimated by surveys and examinations shows that the rotating electrical machinery teaching materials can significantly enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning. The teaching aids and teaching materials can also be teaching reference of electrical machinery theoretical and experimental courses in vocational schools and universities.
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