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Title: 石暘睢(1898-1964)文史調查事業之初探-兼論戰後初期的臺灣博物館
Other Titles: A Preliminary Study on the Historical Investigation of Shi Yang Sui (1898-1964) - Also on Museums of Taiwan in the Post-World War Ⅱ Period
Authors: 謝仕淵
Shih-yuan Hsieh
Issue Date: Dec-2016
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學台灣史研究所
Graduate Institute of Taiwan History
Abstract: 1930年「臺灣文化三百年紀念會」中的史料展覽會,1930年代「臺南市史料館」、「臺南市歷史館」以及延續至戰後的「臺南市立歷史館」均與石暘睢有關。被同好稱為「活字典」的石暘睢之調查事業,或受惠於在臺日人如村上玉吉等的啟發,因此他開始在都市計畫如火如荼開展的臺南市,進行石碑調查,將之保存在今赤崁樓與大南門外等地,並於物件調查時,保留了不同歷史層理中的空間訊息,給予追索從當代回溯日治、清領等階段,地方歷史變遷的重要線索。在皇民化運動的脈絡下,他對肖像、匾聯、神像等進行廣泛的調查,留下重要的文化資產。而其在挖掘李茂春墓與洪夫人墓的工作,也說明了他的文史調查活動,已非純粹的文人雅士之文藝活動,而是具有歷史考古之企圖。石氏的調查活動及其成果,往往也透過博物館或者展覽的型態與社會溝通。戰後,他所推動的被稱為歷史文物展等活動,企圖構建以臺南為主的地方歷史想像,然而,它的在地化途徑,使其所經歷的風景,並非故國河山的視野,恰好也是這條路,保留著我們追尋臺灣博物館發展歷程另一種可能──在殖民現代性與大中國史觀之外。
From the 1930s to the 1950s, Shi Yang Sui carried out comprehensive historical investigations in Tainan, preserving thousands of cultural assets, leaving important clues to understanding local history. He attempted to build the local history of Tainan by looking into its long and storied history, and to communicate with society through museums and exhibitions. His professional works preserved a vast amount of historical objects and documents with rich information about the culture and history of Tainan through different political and cultural hegemonies such as the Japanization movement and post-war Chinese nationalism, and has become an important key enabling future generations to rebuild the history of Tainan.
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