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Title: 從「巴丹文化圈」到「帝國版圖圈」的蘭嶼
Other Titles: Orchid Island from "Batan Cultural Sphere" to "Imperial Territorial Sphere"
Authors: 田騏嘉
Chi-chia Tien
Issue Date: Dec-2016
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學台灣史研究所
Graduate Institute of Taiwan History
Abstract: 目前有關蘭嶼、Tao的學術研究多以人類學、民族學等為主流,時間斷限則以二戰後(1945年以後)為主,歷史學、1945年以前的研究則相對缺乏。另一方面,自日治時期起已有學者提出蘭嶼Tao與巴丹島Ivatan關係密切的證據,至近年來隨著兩地交流愈趨頻繁,回溯或建構跨境族群的區域研究亦漸興盛。職是之故,本文欲從另一角度探討原與巴丹島交流頻繁的蘭嶼,如何轉變為現今對於蘭嶼隸屬臺灣的普遍認知。自大航海時代展開後,各國探險家順著黑潮「發現」臺灣及蘭嶼,直至荷西時期開始出現「征討」Tao的文獻紀錄,接續的政權-清帝國對蘭嶼則僅止於有名無實的統治,直至1805年日本接收臺灣,蘭嶼才正式成為日本帝國統治下附屬於臺灣的島嶼。此外,Tao是以口傳傳承歷史與經驗的族群,然而自文字發明以來,歷史書寫多掌控在握有文字與權力的族群手中,因此本文嘗試使用Tao的口傳神話及來自外族的文獻紀錄,如《熱蘭遮城日誌》、《巴達維亞城日記》、清代方志、西方探險家遊記與研究、日治時期相關研究及各時期地圖等,建構文化與語言和巴丹島Ivatan相似,本不屬於臺灣的蘭嶼及Tao,如何從「巴丹文化圈」被劃入「帝國版圖圈」,進而成為「臺灣」一部分的過程。
Present studies on Orchid Island and the Tao people mostly focus on anthropology and ethnology and mainly deal with the post-war period. There is a lack of studies focusing on history and the period before the war. On the other hand, since the period of Japanese rule there have been scholars putting forward evidence that the Tao people on Orchid Island and the Ivatan people on Batan Island were closely related. In recent years, as exchanges between the two places have become increasingly frequent, regional studies tracing or reconstructing the cross-border ethnic groups are rising. Therefore, this study aims to discuss from a different perspective how Orchid Island, which used to have frequent exchanges with Batan, was transformed into the present common understanding that Orchid Island belongs to Taiwan. After the Age of Discovery began, explorers from various countries followed the Kuroshio current and "discovered" Taiwan and Orchid Island. It was not until the period of Dutch rule that historical records relating to the Tao people appeared. The following hegemony, the Qing Dynasty, exerted only nominal power over Orchid Island. Orchid Island did not formally belong to Taiwan until 1895, when Japan took over control Taiwan. In addition, the Tao people passed down history and experience orally. Since the invention of written words, the writing of history has been controlled by groups with written language and power. Therefore, by making use of Tao oral legends and foreign documents, such as De Dagregisters van het Kasteel Zeelandia, Degh-Register gehouden int Costell Batavia, Chronicles of the Qing Dynasty, travel notes and studies by western explorers, related studies in the period of Japanese rule, and maps from different periods, this study attempts to construct the process of how Orchid Island and the Tao, who shared similar culture and language with the Ivatan on Batan and previously did not belong to Taiwan, were moved from the original "Batan Cultural Spher
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