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Title: 點讀筆支援紙本繪本對兒童閱讀動機、情緒、注意力與理解成效之探討
Other Titles: The Effects of DigitalPen-Supported Picture Books on Improving Children’s Reading Motivations, Emotions, Attention and Comprehension
Authors: 陳志銘
Chih-Ming Chen,Kuan-Wen Chen,Zhi-Xio Chen
Issue Date: Apr-2015
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Graduate institute of library and information studies ,NTNU
Abstract: 隨著科技的進步,兒童繪本漸發展為多種數位媒體整合之電子繪本,具有優於傳統紙本繪本的互動性及多媒體元素,但電子繪本也存在過多動畫可能使兒童沉迷於感官刺激,分散其閱讀注意力的疑慮,在長時間的閱讀情境下,紙本仍較為合適。因此,近年來可搭配紙本閱讀的數位點讀筆興起,發展出可同時融合聽、說、讀、寫的多元閱讀模式,具有融合紙本及具有多媒體與互動功能的優勢。本研究針對運用點讀筆輔助紙本繪本搭配預測策略、電子繪本搭配預測策略及傳統紙本繪本搭配預測策略三種閱讀模式對於閱讀動機、閱讀情緒、閱讀注意力與閱讀理解成效進行探究。結果發現運用點讀筆輔助閱讀紙本繪本搭配預測策略的兒童,在閱讀動機提升上顯著優於閱讀紙本繪本與閱讀電子繪本搭配預測策略的兒童;但是三種閱讀模式在情緒上無顯著差異;運用點讀筆輔助閱讀紙本繪本搭配預測策略的兒童在閱讀注意力上顯著優於閱讀紙本繪本搭配預測策略的兒童,但與閱讀電子繪本搭配預測策略的兒童則無顯著差異;電子繪本與點讀筆輔助紙本繪本搭配預測策略的閱讀模式,具有相同的閱讀理解成效,但兩者在閱讀理解成效上均優於傳統紙本閱讀搭配預測策略。根據研究結果,本研究亦提出對父母、教師、相關推動兒童閱讀單位以及未來研究的建議,希望能對兒童的閱讀能力提升產生助益。
With the progress of information technology, children picture books have no longer be restricted to traditional paper picture books composed of printed texts and static pictures; instead, various digital media integrated electronic picture books are gradually developed. Electronic picture books present the advantages of better interactivity and multimedia elements than traditional paper picture books and could better attract children’s reading interests. Nevertheless, electronic picture books also exist in excessive animation causing children indulging in sensory stimulation and diverting the reading attention. Moreover, electronic picture books could damage children’s visual acuity. Thus, paper picture books are considered more suitable for long-term reading. However, paper picture books show dull model on supporting reading. The combination of digital pens with paper-reading is therefore emerged in the past years and the plural reading model integrating listening, speaking, reading, and writing has been developed because integrating digital pen with paper reveals the advantages of multimedia and interactive functions. Based on prediction strategy, this study applies brain-wave attention detection system and heart rate variability emotion sensing technology to discussing the effects of traditional paper picture books, electronic picture books, and digital pen assisted paper picture books on children’s reading motivation, reading emotion, reading attention, and reading comprehension performance. The findings of the study include that children applying digital pen supported paper picture books and prediction strategy present better reading motivation than the ones reading paper picture books and electronic picture books with prediction strategy. Moreover, three reading modes of picture book have no significant difference in emotion. Also, children utilizing digital pen supported paper picture books with prediction strategy reveal better reading attention than the one
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