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Title: 大學生觀看線上影音節目之隨興休閒資訊行為研究
Other Titles: Exploring Undergraduate Casual-Leisure Information Behaviors on Online Videos
Authors: 葉乃靜
Nei-Ching Yeh
Issue Date: Oct-2015
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Graduate institute of library and information studies ,NTNU
Abstract: 資訊行為研究多著眼於工作情境,較少探討休閒娛樂之情境。因此,隨興休閒資訊行為研究相對缺乏。本研究以大學生為研究對象,探討他們在隨興休閒情境下觀看線上影音節目之資訊行為特徵,希望透過更全面的視角,檢視非明確目標導向的資訊行為,以獲得更深層的認識。本研究採用日誌法和深度訪談法蒐集實徵資料,參與者共計24 位,女性15 位,男性9 位。本研究採用紮根理論為資料分析取向,分析72 則日誌,24 份訪談稿。研究發現,我們可以以時間作為隨興休閒資訊行為的情境,由觀看前、觀看過程、觀看後三個階段分析資訊行為。觀看過程中,認知、情感和行為的交揉互動引發資訊需求和尋求行為。資訊行為延伸到觀看後並帶來認知上的改變。
The majority of information behavior and information seeking theories and studies focus on task-based scenarios where users try to resolve information needs. The studies that focus on casual-leisure scenarios that are typically motivated by hedonistic needs rather than information need are seldom. This study describes undergraduate casualleisure information behaviors on online videos. Diary and depth-interview were used to collect date, 24 undergraduate participated in this study (9 males, 15 females and aged 18-22). This study extend the model of casual-leisure information behavior and contributes new insights into user's experience in casual-leisure settings, such as online video programs, which has implications for other information domain.
Other Identifiers: A1555093-0E60-6C0D-F5EB-A43DC3E9E48E
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