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Title: How Information and Information Behaviors Contribute to Other Workplace Behaviors
Other Titles: 資訊及資訊行為如何對其他工作場域行為產生貢獻
Authors: 李宗曄
Tsung-Yeh Lee
Issue Date: Apr-2016
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Graduate institute of library and information studies ,NTNU
Abstract: 「我們形塑了工具,工具也形塑了我們。」,資訊通訊科技(ICT)快速的進展更迭,除了對工作場域及其資訊生態帶來了改變,同時也對職場資訊行為研究帶來挑戰與機會。在2015 年「歐洲網路工作資訊研究網」(European Network for Workplace Information)會議中,有數篇研究提到職場資訊行為(workplace information behavior),特別是關於職場學習(workplace learning),其中也提到一個關於資訊行為的黑暗面-職場霸凌(workplace bullying)的研究議題。本文將逐一介紹各篇之研究內容,並加以比較、論述。
“We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.” The rapid shift of information and communications technology (ICT) has not only changed the landscape of workplace and its information ecosystem, but also brought challenges and opportunities to the studies of workplace information behaviors. In 2015, there were several studies which explored workplace information behaviors in the symposium of European Network for Workplace Information, which are especially associated to workplace learning. Among these studies, a darker side of human information behavior, which is commonly known as workplace bullying, was also mentioned. The author willintroduce each of them and make some comparative analysis and discussion.
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