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Title: 數位人文的跨領域和基礎性研究:以文物數位化保護元數據標準規範為例
Other Titles: A Cross-disciplinary and Fundamental Study of Digital Humanities: Taking “Metadata Standards for Digital Cultural Heritage” for Example
Authors: 肖瓏
Long Xiao
Yan Zhang
June Zhang
Ying Feng
Issue Date: Apr-2017
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Graduate institute of library and information studies ,NTNU
Abstract: 數位人文是近年來的研究熱點,其目標之一是通過技術的引進,更加深入地描述人文領域的研究物件,挖掘、組織和傳播人類文明及相關知識。本文以文物數位化保護元數據標準研究為例,通過文獻調查與分析、實地調研、建立模型、規範設計,介紹文物數位化保護元數據(Metadata)規範的總體架構和專業化拓展,闡明數位人文發展領域不可忽略的基礎性、長遠性工作─標準規範研究之必要性和作用,探索人文與技術的共同合作與發展。
Digital humanities is one of the research hotspots in recent years. One of its goals is to describe the object of study in the field of humanities more deeply, excavate, as well as to organize and disseminate human civilization and related knowledge by the technology. This paper takes the research on the Metadata for Digital Cultural Heritage as an example to introduce the general framework and professional development of Metadata Standards for Digital Cultural Heritage. It clarifies that standards and norms are necessary and the metadata research is a basic, long ‐ term work in the development of digital humanities.
Other Identifiers: 2B67A0D6-5F67-D045-6363-F4BEE06DB722
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