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Title: 美國亞太裔圖書館員的職業選擇:應用統計與案例分析的混合方法的研究
Other Titles: Asian/Pacific Librarians Career Choices: A Mixed Method Study
Authors: 周堅中
Jianzhong Zhou,Glen Zhou,Allan Zhou,Milan Zhou
Issue Date: Apr-2015
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學圖書資訊學研究所
Graduate institute of library and information studies ,NTNU
Abstract: 這是用混合方法研究亞太裔館員的職業選擇與擔任領導崗位的相關性。第一期的網絡調查表通過電子郵件分發到600 多CALA 和APALA 的成員,91 位填完了調查表。使用幾種統計分析方法,分析結果表明擔任領導崗位與在圖書館界工作的年數、發表出版物的數量、自願調動工作的次數、以及在全國專業協會的參與緊密相關。領導職務和其他高級學歷之間有一定關聯,一半以上的圖書館長具有博士學位。該研究還否定了第一代移民和沒有在北美接受中小學或本科教育不易實現領導崗位的假說。此外,職業館員、中層領導館員和館長之間在職業協會、社區公益及政治參與方面有一定的差異。收回的一期調查表Q1 的公開評論中包含豐富的文字内容,不能用現有的統計方法進行分析。作者根據一期調查表的公開評論,設計一個獨立的定性調查,稱二期調 Q2。 Q2 僅限於12 位亞太裔首席館員/館長,其中8 位完成了調查表。Q2 根據首席館員各自經歷及對亞太裔在領導崗位的缺席發表各自的看法。比較Q1 的公開評論和Q2 結果,出現很多類似的主題。同時Q1 和Q2 的結果起到了相互驗證的效果,增加了可信度。
librarians career choices related to leadership positions. The statistical analyses are based on data from 91 librarians in survey Q1 distributed to 600+ CALA and APALA members. The correlation, prediction of association, cross-tabbing, and ANOVA tests were applied to the survey. The result shows that the leadership position is correlated with number of years worked in the library profession, number of publications, number of voluntary job changes, and national professional association’s involvement. There was a suggested correlation between leadership positions and additional advanced degrees and over half of librarians with a doctoral degree are in chief librarian positions. The study also nullifies the hypothesis that achieving leadership position is less likely for first generation immigrants or immigrants who did not receive k-12 or undergraduate education in the North America. In addition, the differences in professional, community, and political involvement are examined among professional librarians, supervising librarians and chief librarians. The comments from the quantitative survey Q1 contain rich data which can’t be interpreted by existing statistical methods. The Q1 comments became the first section of a follow-up qualitative study using situation coding and subject perspective coding method. A separate qualitativesurvey Q2 was sent to 12 Asian/Pacific chief librarians only. Eight chief librarians completed Q2 covering biographical information and in-depth questions on perceptions of leadership achievement gap among Asian/Pacific American librarians. Comparison of comments of Q1 for professional librarians and Q2 for chief librarians suggested many similar themes emerged. The triangulation from different Asian/Pacific librarian population validated the finding.
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