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Title: 想像之城:南朝詩歌中的洛陽長安書寫及其文化意涵
Other Titles: The Imaginary City: The Cultural Meaning of Luoyang and Chang'an in Southern Poems
Authors: 祁立峰
Chi, Li-feng
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 我們知道南朝雖定都於建康金陵,但就目前現存的文學作品來說,南朝士人詩中提及或描寫建康的比例並不高。相對來說,如「長安」、「洛陽」等樂府舊題,卻成為當時寫作者熱衷的題材。因此過去學者有此一說:認為這些長安與洛陽(或京洛)的書寫,實則就是對建康的指涉。本文實際爬梳這些以洛陽和長安為題的作品,發現它們的潛文本實際上可追溯至兩漢的都城大賦。人文地理學有個說法,記憶與文本中的城市都是一種再現,因此,本文從兩個層次切入,首先探討南朝寫作者與這兩座歷史故都的連結;其次探討〈洛陽道〉、〈長安道〉與〈京洛篇〉等詩歌,如何形容與想像故城的繁榮富麗,以及這樣的城市書寫又有何文化意涵。從結論來說,南朝士人關於洛陽長安的記憶,或許不僅是與自身都城的連結,更包括複雜的國族、慾望以及與當時文風的混合,所呈現出的獨特樣貌。
Even though we all acknowledge that the capital of South-Dynasties is located in Jiankang, the amount of poems related to Jiankang actually represents a small proportion of remaining iterary works. On the contrary, Yuefu poems regarding “Chang’an” and “Luoyang” were popular subjects for poets then. Scholars have since considered these subjects as intimations of Jiankang. The author looked deeply into these literary works and discovered that these works are related to odes in two Han dynasties describing their capital. It goes without saying that to describe a city from literary works and history, it is necessary to compare with cities in real life. This article, therefore, cut to the point from two viewpoints. He begins with discovering the relationship between scholars in South-Dynasties and two historic capitals. He then looks into literary works such as “Luoyang Road”, “Chang’an Road”, and “Jingluo Article”. He discovers how they describe the gloriousness of past capitals and the cultural meaning of these works. Looking back from the results, perhaps scholars in South-Dynasties didn’t realize their memories of Luoyang and Chang’an were connected to their own capital and, moreover, to their complicated nationality, desire and writing style.
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